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Getting To Bhutan


Entering Bhutan

There are two ways the visitors can enter Bhutan, a small nation beholding herculean surprises. The Kingdom of Bhutan remained isolated from the rest of the world until 1960s and came out of isolation only with the inception of it first developmental plans. In the past, the nation was impenetrable mainly because of the high mountain passes in the north covering the Tibetan regions and the dense forest in the south, the present Assam and Bengal. However, due to the shrewd economic plans, now the nation can be easily entered via roads and the multiple international and domestic airports.

Today the main roads entering the country are through Phuntsholing in the south, linking Bhutan with the Indian plains of West Bengal, through the border towns of Gelephu, in the central region and Samdrup Jongkhar, in the east, that link with the Indian state of Assam.

Travelling to Bhutan by Air

The best and the fastest way to enter the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan is by air. The national airline Druk air and Bhutan airlines flies from Thailand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Singapore to Bhutan’s Paro International Airport, located in the west of the country. Flying to Paro airport can be one of the enticing experience as the flight brings the visitors close to the Himalayas and the boundless beauty of the valley. Moreover, the flight is particularly rewarding as it offers spectacular views of 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world. In clear weather, as you soar higher up, you’ll be treated to amazing close-ups of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kanchenjunga at their best.

The following cities are connected to Bhutan with flights:

  1. India: Delhi, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, and Guwahati
  2. Thailand: Bangkok
  3. Bangladesh: Dhaka
  4. Nepal: Kathmandu and
  5. Singapore

There are also domestic airports connecting the nation

  1. Bumthang airport also known as Bathpala thang (the local name of the airport): It is located in the central region of the nation
  2. Flights are also available to eastern region, Trashigang and the airport is designated as Yonphula helipad
  3. The visitors can also catch up the airport at Gelephu for the tour of the southern regions

The domestic airports are the fastest means to tour the nation at a very reasonable value, if the visitors are in the country for a shorter period.

All the visitors require a visa to enter the nation. As far as the arrangement of the Druk Air flights and the visa clearance, A path to Himalayan country tours and treks can assist the visitors. Indian, Bangladesh and Maldivian nationals can receive a visa on entry and it is not necessary for them to book travel through a tour operator, however it is recommended. In the case of Indian nationals a passport or voters card are acceptable on entry. We also provide the facility of buying the flight tickets on behalf of the visitors and sending the ticket on advance to the visitors.

Bhutan Travel by Land

Phuntsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar are all located at the Southern Borders of India and are the only entries for the international visitors.

The town of Phuntsholing is located approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport Bagdogra. After crossing Phuntsholing, your will begin a mountainous climb through hairpin bends until you enter Thimphu, the capital city. The 176 km journey usually takes around 6 hours. Travel sickness tablets are recommended for young children and adults who may not be accustomed to the mountain roads.

Gelephu in South-Central Bhutan is another entry point to Bhutan. It is approximately 250 kms from Thimphu. The journey will take you through lush sub-tropical jungles and pristine alpine forests before finally bringing you into Thimphu. You will traverse across three districts with a travel time of approximately 10 hours.

Samdrup Jongkhar is the only entry point in eastern Bhutan. The town borders the Indian district of Darranga, Assam and is approximately 150 kms from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. The journey from Guwahati is about three hours. Tourists entering Bhutan through Samdrup Jongkhar will have to travel through Trashigang, the largest district in the country, and from there east through Mongar, Bumthang, Trongsa and Wangdi Phodrang to reach the capital city, Thimphu. The distance is about 700 kms and you should allow three days journey time.